[What is it : Pump cover or Overshoe or Gaiter]

PRODUCT DETAILS:Handmade overshoe/gaiter “Pump-Up” in printed leather, lined with calf leather,You wear those “Pump-Ups” over a pair of pumps with heel height  of 7 or 8 cm,  under the pump-sole you can fit this with velcro and the “Pump-Up” has a zipper inside the boot.So in an easy way, you turn your pump into a leather boot! Can be made in other colours and sizes too. contact: ) Price:  Pump-Ups “Giraffe”: € 395,-dimension: 50cm high, 25cm wide ( if  they are worn on pumps with heel height 7 or 8cm)white: size small and mediumgiraffe: sold out